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Master a skill and make big money online FAST.

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It’s easy to get TRICKED into a 9-5 (waste of time) or degree (worthless scam).

Everyday at a 9-5 you’re making your Boss aka daddy rich.

Your boss views you as an ASSET. Not a person.

He controls every aspect of your life.

When he finds someone cheaper, you’re fired & thrown on the street.

LIES they tell you:

  • Spending $200K on a degree (aka worthless piece of paper) is worth it

  • Getting a 9-5 and enslaving yourself is the only option

  • You need to be a genius and have a lot of cash to start a business


45% of college grads from last year are STILL looking for a job (CBS)

Wasn’t college supposed to “guarantee” getting a high paying job??

The road I took wasn't guaranteed. But

I scaled my agency to $50K a month, won an Emmy and traveled to over 30 countries all before my 23rd birthday.

And the only time I’ve been to college was to pick up a friend from his frat house in my black Benz.

I barely even graduated high school.

Why do they lie to you?? Because they want you to stay broke, unhappy, and trapped. Like a slave.

Here’s the Truth 👇

You don’t need a PhD to be successful.

You don’t need to be a 185 IQ genius with your brain bursting out of your fucking skull to make money.

You don’t need millions of $$ to start a business.

You just need to sit down, focus, and learn a HIGH-VALUE SKILL. That’s the formula.

Learn EXACTLY how to quickly master a skill and sell it for $3K+/month PER CLIENT

You'll find all the answers to these questions in this course:

  • What skill can I learn that’s both fun and makes me big money?

  • How do I master that skill?

  • How do I get my first clients?

(Plus I’ll personally hold you accountable through email to MAKE SURE you follow through)


They tell you it takes YEARS of college & experience to master a skill.

What if that wasn’t the case?

What if you could learn a high-value skill FAST?

I’ve seen it over and over, someone going from nobody to a straight up G making $100K+ a year in the blink of an eye

My friend Donvesh went from $0 to $35K a month in 6 months using shitty wifi in New Delhi at 18 years old

My friend Kyle was a C student, living at his mom’s house at 19, totally LOST. Said “F this”, studied SEO intensely for 90 days, now has 5 clients and is well on his way to millionaire status.

Another friend Zach went from $0 to $100K a month in his agency in 1 year

There are THOUSANDS of other stories like this.

You still wanna go $200,000 in debt & trade 4 years of your prime to make $36K a year?


HERE’S WHAT Big Money Skill Mastery CONTAINS:

✅ 10 Skills Guidebook (106 pages): 10 Chapters x 10 Skills. Each chapter has ALL the info & resources you need to become a master at a big money skill. Crafting your offer, pros & cons, best resources to study, and MUCH MORE.

✅ Skill Mastery Calendar: Your 4-phase blueprint to mastering any skill in 90 days (optional)

✅ Niche Master List: 191 money-printing niches AND 51 services you can use to make big money online

✅ BONUS #1 - 90 Day Accountability Program: I’m with you every step of the way. MAKING SURE you learn a high-value skill, holding you accountable.

✅ BONUS #2 - Special deals and freebies that no one else has access to

What you’re gonna do:

✅ Buy Big Money Skill Mastery

✅ Watch the intro video

✅ Pick a skill from the 10 Skills Guidebook

✅ Master your skill

✅ Start making big $$ online using your skill FAST

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Any questions?

Who is this for?

Anybody who wants to be a money-printing Entrepreneur

Anyone who wants to quit their job. Drop out.

Start LOVING life. Freedom, abundance, control.

Big Money Skill Mastery puts you on the yellow brick road to achieve your craziest goals.

Who is this not for?

Successful entrepreneurs who’ve already made it

Anyone happy at their 9-5 and is cool with with other people controlling their life

How does Big Money Skill Mastery help me master a skill?

In 3 ways.

1 - Gives you an overview of the internet’s 10 highest-paying marketing skills. EVERYTHING you need to make a crystal clear choice.

2 - Gives you all the resources you need to master your skill FAST. Blogs, podcasts, courses, software, and more.

3 - I only included quality resources I meticulously went through. Skip the scams & time-wasting overpriced garbage. Learn your skill from THE BEST.

+ you get access to our 90 Day Accountability Program, MAKING SURE you master your big money skill.

What if I don’t have enough time to master a skill?

All you need is AN HOUR A DAY. It’ll take a bit longer than if you had 6 hours a day, sure.

What if I can’t focus?

Listen. I have ADHD. Even I have problems focusing.

You CAN focus. The formula is easy.

Turn your phone off. Put it in another room. Download Cold Turkey Blocker & block all distracting websites. Use a Pomodoro timer. And don’t let yourself get sidetracked.

I guarantee this’ll work for you.

What if I’m not smart enough?

As long as you have average or above average IQ, YOU’RE FINE.

You don’t need to be an Einstein-level genius. You need a SKILL.

Ready to master a skill FAST?

Just think, if you started 6 months ago you’d be making $15,000 a month TODAY.


Get Big Money Skill Mastery.

Got any more questions? DM me on Twitter:


No part of Big Money Skill Mastery may be copied, plagiarized, swiped, or reproduced in any way.

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Full Big Money Skill Mastery Course (10 Skills Guidebook + Skill Mastery Calendar + 90 Day Accountability Program + Niche Master List + Other Bonuses)


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Big Money Skill Mastery

67 ratings
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